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How to communicate with your Hair Stylist Kristine Barone’s hair design inside Salon Blissful (formerly J Salon) in Peoria Arizona

Can I blame it on the robe?  Or maybe it’s the hydraulic chair.  But something about sitting in a hair salon deactivates my inquisitive-reporter skills, and makes my familiarity with hair vocabulary fly out the window.

Things get worse once the stylist starts making suggestions—typically proposing ways to remove some of the weight from my fine but very thick straight hair. Instead of speaking up, I nod in agreement, disregarding my knowledge of what works on my hair—or doesn’t. A decade ago, I let a stylist cut wispy bangs, knowing my cowlick would never cooperate. And when I do make requests, I’m often not specific enough. On several occasions, I’ve asked for “long layers,” only to walk away with the dreaded “Rachel,” long past its ’90s heyday.

LOCK STEP | Actress Mary Pickford getting her curls chopped off at a Chicago barber shop in 1928. Getty Images

Ms. Blackwell, a 30-year-old publicist, has found herself flustered, too. “I can picture the cut in my head.  I know the terms, but it never comes out right,” she said.  She now brings in her iPad with several pictures of a single celebrity to show her stylist of 2½ years the haircut from multiple angles.  Her inspiration of late is Gwyneth Paltrow’s long bob circa 2009.

Even a stylist you see regularly can get it wrong. On a recent trip to the salon, she left her photos at home. Instead, she showed her stylist an old picture on the small screen of her iPhone, asking for her original style.  She walked out with a cut much shorter than she expected. “I feel like it wasn’t my fault,” she said.

As much as we would like to remain blameless, communication is a two-way street.  There are things you can do to better explain your needs.  For starters, be honest when answering a stylist’s questions, especially about the kind of daily maintenance you’re prepared to undertake.  It may save you embarrassment, she added, “but you’re also not telling them the whole truth.”

Honesty with yourself is the best policy, too.  You may aspire to spend 45 minutes adding waves to your straight hair each morning, but is that realistic?  If your stylist doesn’t ask, offer the information up.

When talking about the cut—or color—you seek, a picture can be worth the proverbial thousand words.  “A lot of clients say one thing, but they don’t understand what they’re saying,”  With a photo, “I get an idea of where they want to go—and whether it’s realistic for them.”  Adjust your expectations.  The star with the hair of your dreams likely had a few people spending hours perfecting it.

The picture isn’t by any means a flawless way to communicate, especially if you pick an unrealistic shot.  Look for a celebrity with a hair color and texture that seems similar to your own.  Even the professionally beautiful take this approach.  When model Karlie Kloss was ready to cut off her hair, she began with some pictures to show her stylist.  “I brought in a bunch of photos before we pulled the scissors out,” Ms. Kloss said.  Her starting point: ’60s model Jean Shrimpton’s long, side-swept bangs.  The stylist then took it shorter, resulting in the style now known as the Karlie Chop.

Another option is to bring in a picture of yourself when your hair was at its best, said Kristine Barone, Master Hair Colorist near Glendale, Arizona .  It gives clients the chance to say, “this is what works for me,” said Mrs. Barone. The show-not-tell approach is also advisable for communicating length.  What you picture as an inch might really be a half an inch or an inch-and-a-half.  It’s better to use your hands to mark the desired length.

If you don’t want feel like you’re shouldering the entire burden of communication, look for stylists who make it a priority to understand clients’ wishes.  Kristine Barone at Kristine Barone’s Hair Design inside Salon Blissful (formerly J Salon) in Peoria Arizona said, “I realized early in my career that the most successful people in the industry were the best communicators.”

In fact, highly skilled stylists can get caught up in giving a good technical haircut at the expense of a guest’s wishes.  Her advice is to be wary of a salon that sends you off to the shampoo sinks or even offers up a robe before you get a chance to talk with your stylist.  At her salon, Kristine Barone’s Hair Design inside Salon Blissful (formerly J Salon) in Peoria Arizona, Kristine first brings a client over to her station and then steps in front of the chair to get a good full-body look and give a proper consultation.

Kristine also studies a client’s body language for hints on how ready for change she may be.  Someone who touches her hair repeatedly while talking is likely quite attached to her locks, so she treads carefully.  She then peppers her guest with questions about her hair and her daily routine, listening carefully for cues and hints.  If she maintains a regular exercise habit, she might need her hair long enough to be pulled off her face.

Ultimately, there is a time when relinquishing control to the experts makes sense.  “People who come to me, they trust me,” said Kristine Barone.  For Mrs. Barone, too much talking interferes with the creative process. “I just know,” she said. “That’s why I’m hired.”


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